Cat Kennel in Leek

Cat Kennel in LeekYou might have an urgent need for a cat kennel in Leek as you need to leave town almost immediately. Do not worry! Blakeley Farm will take charge of your cat. While you shower, pack and make transportation arrangements, a Blakeley Farm staff member will stop by and retrieve your cat. It is a service we gladly offer to save you precious time. Now you can attend to your emergency knowing your cat is well cared for. He or she will have a safe and cosy place of their own to sleep, good food and fresh water. If meds are needed, we will administer them according to directions.

What might you have done if you were unaware of Blakeley Farm services? For some pet owners in Leek, cat kennel care would not have occurred to them. They may have loaded up the cat’s food and water bowls, scooped fresh litter and left the cat locked inside. Maybe, while waiting for a flight or a train they would call the neighbour or friend with a key to their door. Hopefully, the friend or neighbour will check on the cat every couple of days. What could go wrong? The friend or neighbour might get busy and forget about your cat. Or perhaps your friend dutifully visits your cat but one day the cat slips out the door. Once out, the cat may hide for days or you may never see him or her again.

Blakeley Farm cat kennel in Leek will help avoid another potential problem. Some cats dislike being left alone. They may stop using their litter box. The smell may never come out of those new wood floors. You may not smell it except on humid days but others will. Or something could make the cat sick. It is not worth the risk. Contact Blakeley Farm to find out more about their cat kennels. Tour the facilities and meet the animals and family of animal lovers who own, work and live at Blakeley Farm. Keep our number close by for when you need it. One or more of us is always around so our animal guests are never left unattended.

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