Catteries in Hanchurch

Catteries in HanchurchCatteries in Hanchurch should be a home from home for your cats.

When you go away you want to know that your cats will be well looked after. You want to know that they are being fed properly, are being loved, and are kept secure. When you have a friend or a neighbour in to feed your cats, you can never be sure that your cat is safe. Your cat may be involved in a fight or even an accident and it may be hours before someone is aware of the problem. When you book your cat into a cattery you can have peace of mind that all will be well. You can enjoy your holiday or time away without that nagging worry at the back of you mind: will your cat be okay?

You will find, when looking for somewhere for your cat in Hanchurch, catteries vary in the environment that they can offer for your cat. An example of an excellent cattery, and one where your cat will be very happy is Blakeley Farm. To begin, the rural setting of Blakely Farm is ideal for your animals as it is quiet and stress-free. The cattery has been custom built. Attention and thought have been applied to ensure that the housing for your cat is luxurious, safe and comfortable. The cattery is staffed at all times and your cat will not be left alone. They will receive quality pet food and will always have clean water to drink. If your cat has a medical condition, the staff  will ensure that it receives the medicine it needs as prescribed. Should your cat become ill when in their care, they will make sure that it gets the attention it needs immediately.

The next time you go away, consider catteries in Hanchurch to look after your cat. Contact Blakeley Farm today to book lodging for your pet at their catteries. Your cat will be well looked after in the beautiful surrounds of their catteries and you will have peace of mind.

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