Cat Boarding in Cheddleton

Cat Boarding in CheddletonCat boarding in Cheddleton is perfect for when you have to go away on business for a few days and have to leave your little furry friend behind. People often think that a cat can be left at home if you leave bowls of food and water out for him, or rely on a neighbour to pop in every few days to check on him. This may sound practical, but in reality, it is not. What if the neighbour forgets to visit, or your cat spills his water? That would be a disaster. Cats also need attention. While often snooty in nature, they do enjoy human affection and attention. At Blakeley Farm, we provide for all your cat’s needs while you are away.

If you live in Cheddleton, cat boarding is ideal while you are away. Our purpose built, luxurious cattery is here for your cat’s comfort and safety. We are open seven days a week with staff on site 24 hours a day to cater for all of your cat’s needs. Our family-run business employs staff who are animal lovers. They are friendly and helpful and will treat your cat like their own. Your cat will eat like a king at our cattery. We provide top quality Arden Grange animal food. If your cat has a medical condition, we will gladly administer his medication. Let him have a holiday while you are away on business.

Consider cat boarding in Cheddleton if you need to leave home for a few days on business. For more information about affordable cat boarding services, contact Blakeley Farm. We are proud of our establishment and we encourage visitors. If you would like to see for yourself where your cat will be staying, you are more than welcome to visit. You do not require an appointment and you can stop by to have a look. Here your cat can enjoy his own holiday while you are on your business trip. He will be safe and happy, and you can relax knowing he is in good hands.

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