Dog Grooming in Stallington

Dog Grooming in StallingtonDog grooming in Stallington is the easy way to get your dog looking good. A dog feels great after a bath but it is sometimes difficult to get him to comply. You can have quite a fight on your hands. This is when a dog grooming service can be a blessing. You can drop him off on the way to work and collect him on the way home. This gives plenty of time to bath and dry him. He can be clipped and if necessary, have his nails trimmed. This is rather like going to the spa and having the works. Our professional groomers know the various styles that suit your breed of dog. If the dog has long hair, it sometimes just needs neatening and a lot of brushing.

When your dog is untidy and in need of a bath in Stallington, dog grooming may be the very thing for him. Bathing is a pleasant experience with a lovely warm bath. Dogs love being brushed and combed as it is rather like having a really good back scratch. His unruly hair can be neatly cut or if it suits him, he can be clipped. This removes the hair in certain areas on the dog’s body and leaves him looking smart. Our dog groomers have years of experience in handling and clipping dogs. They know exactly how to handle a fractious dog and the dog will invariably give in and enjoy the treatment.

Dog grooming in Stallington can give you a chance to have your pet beautifully groomed and smart looking all the time. Contact Blakeley Farm today for an appointment for dog grooming. Your dog will be very grateful for the attention. He will also be very happy to be clean and have excess hair removed. Many dogs sadly do not get the opportunity to feel clean and itch-free. Your dog can have the spa treatment every few months and always look clean and tangle free.

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