Catteries in Eccleshall

Catteries in EccleshallLook for reputable catteries in Eccleshall as part of your holiday planning. It is a sensible idea to find a cattery to take care of your cat while you and your family are away on a holiday. Knowing that your feline friend is safe and well cared for allows you to enjoy your well-earned break without worrying about him. A cattery should meet certain criteria before you obliviously leave your cat in their care. It should have suitable sleeping areas so that your cat is warm and comfortable. It would also be a plus if there are sunny areas where he can sunbathe during the day. Another important criterion is the care he will receive. A cattery with access to a vet can provide immediate medical assistance should he fall ill.

Meal times are as important when searching for a suitable place for your cat. In Eccleshall, catteries should provide appropriate and delicious meals for your fur baby. Once you have decided on what a cattery should offer, you can begin your search for an ideal place for your cat. You will be impressed with what Blakeley Farm has to offer. They offer luxury purpose-built cat pens where your cat will be comfortable and safe. They also provide top of the range Arden quality pet food, so even the fussiest cat will enjoy his meals. The cattery is staffed by their loving and caring team at all times. They can also administer medication to your cat if he is on a daily medicine programme.

Catteries in Eccleshall will remove the worry about a safe place for your cat while you are enjoying your holiday. To find out more information about professionally run catteries, contact Blakeley Farm. You can also pay them a visit as they welcome facility inspections. You will notice how professionally the cattery is managed, and how content the boarders are. Plan your holiday with excitement, knowing that your precious cat will be safe and happy at Blakeley Farm!

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