Dog Kennels in Stoke

You may want to consider visiting top-quality dog kennels in Stoke if you’re planning a vacation and worried about leaving your precious four-footed friend behind. At Blakeley Farm, we promise to ensure that your furry darling will hardly miss you! Our pet-centered approach, animal-loving team and professional standards of hygiene, safety and care will certainly delight you. We pride ourselves on our custom-built, separate kennel and cattery facilities tailored to meet the needs, size, weight and preferences of your own pet. Our kennels provide quality pet care that allows you to go away on holiday knowing that your pet’s every need will be taken care of and safety guaranteed. Many people depend on friends, neighbours or relatives to help out with pet-sitting chores, but this is not always feasible. Your friends or relatives may not be able to fulfill their duties at times. So leave it to the professionals!

Remember that your pet trusts you to feed, clean and keep him or her warm and safe. In Stoke, dog kennels should be selected only after thoroughly inspecting them personally, meeting those in charge, getting detailed information about their qualifications and licensing. Get recommendations from your vet, local pet-center or pet-feed store. Friends and neighbours who also have pets may suggest a good kennel. Ensure that it meets local standards and regulations. Schedule a visit and keep a list of questions ready that you want answered. Spend enough time thoroughly understanding their routine, communicate your preferences and needs clearly and ensure that these are documented.

When visiting dog kennels in Stoke with a view to boarding your pet, pay attention to the look and feel of the place. At Blakeley Farm, we make sure that your pet has enough personal space to rest and play in. Contact Blakeley Farm today if you are looking for top quality dog kennels. Being a family-run business, we’re completely hands-on and never leave the running of the place to hired staff. We have a large number of heated, purpose-built, roomy kennels and offer local collection and delivery of your pet if you need it. Our staff is on-site 24×7 and we provide top-quality branded pet food. Call us for more information and do visit our facility!

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