Cat Kennel in Stoke

Cat Kennel in StokeA cat kennel in Stoke should be your first choice of care when leaving your pets. While it may seem more convenient or comfortable for your cat to leave them with a friendly neighbour or relative, the security and facilities of a professional cat kennel cannot be beaten. Whether it’s a short weekend business trip or an extended holiday across the continent, your cat is always welcome at Blakeley Farm. Our cattery offers luxury cat-pens that provide the best in comfort, security and privacy. Even the most anti-social cats can find some peace and quiet in our cattery, while large families of cats can remain together in one of our larger cat-pens available.

While in our care, you cat will get the highest amount of attention and care. In Stoke, cat kennel services should include not just housing and feeding, but also comfort, company, exercise and grooming, all of which is on offer at our cattery. That is why we provide plenty of cuddles and play time with your cat, so that they remain entertained and active. The good health of your cat during their stay with us is paramount. We offer top quality Arden Grange pet food that will satisfy even the fussiest eater, and are qualified to administer any special dietary or medical treatments when necessary. If your cat is disabled or recovery from a recent operation, we are equipped to provide special care for them as well. Our cat kennels are staffed all hours of the day and night, every day of the week. We ensure that your cat will be healthy, happy and safe during their visit with us until your return.

If you are leaving in a rush and urgently need a cat kennel in Stoke, simply contact Blakeley Farm. We can collect your cat from your home for your convenience. If you still have some time and want to shop around for the best option, we welcome visitors at our kennels, so please feel free to drop in. we are confident that you and your cat will be thoroughly satisfied with what we have to offer.

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