Dog Boarding in Leek

Dog Boarding in LeekNot all holiday accommodation allows pets, and dog boarding in Leek is an excellent solution to your dog’s care while you are away. At Blakeley Farm, we have been providing quality services to pet owners for their peace of mind, regardless of whether they are going away for a few days or a much longer holiday. We are happy to look after your dog while you are away and as enthusiastic animal lovers, we will look after him as though he is our own.

Most pet owners worry about their pets being properly fed and that they are let out for a walk or a nap. In Leek, dog boarding includes nutritious meals and daily walks. Our kennels are staffed 24 hours a day.  Meal times are a pleasure at our kennels and we provide Arden Grange quality pet food.   We have 60 heated purpose-built kennels and can accommodate a number of pets if you have more than one. We know how cold it is in winter. For this reason, our kennels are heated, ensuring your dog stays toasty warm. Should your dog need daily medication, we will administer the dosage according to the provided instructions. We also provide a top class grooming service if your dog needs a little pampering and grooming. Why not let our professional groomers untangle his knotty coat, clip his nails and have him looking smart and neat for your return? We welcome new guests to our kennels. We do require that all dogs are fully vaccinated before boarding at our kennels.

Speak to us if you are looking for reliable kennels for dog boarding in Leek. To schedule an appointment for dog boarding, or to pay a visit, contact Blakeley Farm Kennels. If you are unable to drop off or collect your dog, we offer a collection service. This is a great service, especially when you have to rush off to the airport. Our prices are competitive and our services are second to none. When your dog is with us, he will have his own holiday!

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