Dog Grooming in Blackshaw Moor

Dog Grooming in Blackshaw MoorDid you know that the best place for your pet’s vacation also offers dog grooming in Blackshaw Moor? Here at Blakeley Farm we take care of the the whole pet by offering dog grooming when your fur baby is looking shabby. However, your dog doesn’t have to be boarding with us to be groomed. Just call our groomer and make an appointment. We are conscientious and professional when handling your pet. Our groomers are trained to do more than clip and shampoo. We are an extra set of eyes on your pet along with you and your vet to spot any physical or health problems your dog may be experiencing. We’re not a substitute but we are experienced in noticing the little things.

Dogs really enjoy getting into the nastiest stuff and then they proudly strut around like the finest smelling dog on the block. In Blackshaw Moor, dog grooming at Blakeley Farm changes all that to odours that appeal more to human companions. While we are trimming up their coat we are looking to see if your dog’s eyes, ears and teeth are clear, clean and shiny. We notice if his nose is moist and smooth. While massaging doggies back and belly with good smelling soap we see if the coat and the skin underneath look healthy. When we clip your dog’s nails we check that both nails and foot pads moist and injury free.

If your dog could talk we think he or she would agree that dog grooming in Blackshaw Moor at Blakeley Farm feels good. Maybe it’s not as exciting as a roll in dead fish or a swim in the cow pond but at least the painful matted hair is gone and the itchy burrs between the toes are removed. For more details about our dog grooming service, contact Blakeley Farm Kennels. You know if they could they would beg for someone to attend to those glands. Don’t make them beg; bring your dog to our highly accomplished groomer. Call and make an appointment; you will both feel a lot better especially if you share a bed.

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