Cat Boarding in Stillington

cat boarding in StillingtonStuck at home this summer because you can’t find the right cat boarding in Stillington? Put all your worries at rest and have a lovely break. At Blakeley Farm, we make sure your precious furry friend enjoys his or her vacation with us too! Our experienced, qualified, trained team of genuine cat-lovers will give your cat the kind of tender loving care that you do. Blakeley Farm is the perfect place for your cat. We have purpose built separate cat and dog kennels. Our luxury cat pens ensure that your kitty is safe, comfortable, warm and secure inside a hygienic, spacious and temperature controlled environment.

Being a family-run, family-owned enterprise, looking after pets is not just a job for us. In Stillington, cat boarding at Blakeley Farm is a great mix of love, protection, nurturing and play. If you’d like your cat to feel more at home, send along a few of their favourite toys or cushions, their own water and feeding bowls and perhaps their favourite treats as well. If you’d like us to feed your cat, make sure you give us all the information about what and when to feed. Your pet is sure to have many individual traits, so please do tell us about them, so we know exactly how to make him/her comfortable. Our pets trust us to keep them safe, clean, happy and well-fed. While selecting the right cat boarding, make a few inquiries in the local area and ask your vet for recommendations. Keep a list of questions you want answered and also details about your pet regarding age, breed, health status, feeding habits, social habits etc.

Our cat boarding at Stillington facility is staffed 24×7, 365 days in the year. So you never have to worry about your pet being left alone or neglected. If you need more information about our car boarding facilities, contact Blakeley Farm. We use premium quality Arden Grange pet food which is nutritious and hygienic. If kitty has a medical condition, our vets are on hand to provide the right medication and treatment. We can also make it more convenient for you with our reliable local collection and drop off services.

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