Catteries in Cheddleton

Catteries in CheddletonCatteries in Cheddleton are a safe and secure place for your cat.  We love our customers and get very attached to them so we want to make sure that they are healthy and happy while they are with us. We have dedicated staff on site 24 hours a day.  Their job is to clean the pens and feed and water the animals but it takes a long time as everyone needs cuddles and scratches and loves. The cats are in their own luxurious runs that allow them to sunbathe or to keep warm in their specially built shelters. If you have more than one cat then they are welcome to share a pen.  We find that they settle down quicker and are happier with a member of their family sharing their space with them. We have specially designed our kitty pens for comfort and there are ledges and toys to keep them busy.

Your cats are an important part of your family and when you need to go away in Cheddleton, catteries that you trust to take care of your pet are necessary. We have been successfully caring for pets for many years and have a long list of happy customers that come and visit for the holidays.  We feed our charges with top quality food to make sure they stay healthy.  If your pet is on medication we will happily carry on administering it until the course is finished or until you get back.

Catteries in Cheddleton are the only place you can be confident that your cat is getting fed and looked after properly.  Contact Blakeley Farm today or visit us to inspect our clean and secure facilities.  We are a family run business and we all love animals and take great pleasure in meeting new customers.  We will ensure that when you go on holiday your pet will be as spoilt as you are and be healthy and well fed when you come back.  We offer a local collection and delivery service as not everyone is able to get their pets to the cattery.

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