Dog Grooming in Biddulph

Dog Grooming in BiddulphDog grooming in Biddulph can be a daunting task if your dog is difficult to handle. Why not let the professionals sort out all your dog’s grooming needs? Our expert team have the experience needed when it comes to grooming and handling different breeds of dogs and their individual personalities. We understand that all dogs should be treated with love and care, and that each dog is different. As animal lovers, we know exactly how to handle the different types of dogs.

If you reside in Biddulph, dog grooming at Blakeley Farm is an excellent option to consider. Whether your furry friend’s coat is completely unmanageable or you are entering him in a dog competition, our grooming services cater for all types of fur. Big or small dogs, long or short fur, every dog is welcome here and we would love to help maintain the healthiness of your dog’s coat. We can give your dog a regular grooming or if you would just like a once-off trim, we are happy to help. We welcome you to visit our premises to see where and how your precious pup will be groomed. Bring your fur baby with so that he can meet our groomers and become familiar with them before the first grooming appointment.

Dog grooming in Biddulph is a service we enjoy providing. Not many people realise just how essential it is to keep your pooch properly groomed. Once their coat gets too long it can get tangled and knotty. Untangling these knots can be a difficult task and if they get too dirty, your dog’s fur will start to get really scruffy. Grooming not only keeps your pup looking good but also prevents fur problems. Why not pamper them at the same time? Contact Blakeley Farm to find out more about our grooming services or to get advice from our friendly pet groomers. We also offer a collection and drop-off service if you are unable to bring your dog yourself.

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