Dog Boarding in Knutton

Dog Boarding in KnuttonDog boarding in Knutton is the ideal solution when pet owners need to leave home for an extended amount of time. Even if friends or neighbours are happy to feed your dog at your home while you’re away, there are risks to this. Dogs are prone to stray if their owner leaves, and many dogs misbehave or act out when they become lonely or feel abandoned. Staying at a dog kennel while you’re away will keep your dog safe, distracted and entertained until you return. If he or she is social, he is guaranteed company with other dogs and our dedicated, animal-loving staff will ensure that even the most shy or grumpy dog will not feel lonely. Daily walks and ample play and exercise time will keep them active and entertained.

Our kennels provide the best home away from home for dogs. In Knutton, dog boarding with us is convenient, affordable and satisfying for both owner and pet. With over 60 purpose-built kennels, there is always a welcoming place for your dog. Each kennel is heated and we can accommodate single dogs or families. We use top quality Arden Grange dog food that will keep your dog happy and healthy. If you have any special dietary or medical requirements for your dog, we are fully qualified to administer this as needed. This includes physical disabilities or dogs recovering from injuries or operations too. Our kennels are staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and we are never too busy for a cuddle or a game of fetch. Our top priority is to keep your dog healthy, safe and happy in your absence.

If you want reliable dog boarding in Knutton, contact Blakeley Farm today. We are trained animal carers and enthusiasts who will treat every animal in our care as we would our own. Your dog’s comfort is paramount, and our facilities are expertly designed to provide the most comfort and security. For an extra treat, why not book our amazing grooming service to make your dog feel like royalty during his stay?

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