Cat Boarding in Uttoxeter

Cat Boarding in UttoxeterWhen going away, you need to choose a cattery for cat boarding in Uttoxeter based on good qualities. Is the cattery staff friendly, caring and do they know how to look after your cat correctly? Are the facilities well-kept and clean? Do they provide sufficient space, comfort and shelter? Does the cattery supply quality pet food to ensure well-fed boarders? Are there medications that can be administered should your cat need it? Blakeley Farm meets the expectations of every cat owner looking for a trustworthy cattery.

We are a family team of animal-lovers who are vastly experienced in caring for cats. We can cater to all cat personalities and preferences, from fussy to easy-going, lazy to energetic and playful. Our aim is to provide a temporary home for your kitty where he/she feels safe, happy and looked after. If you travel a lot and need to leave your precious cat at home in Uttoxeter, cat boarding may be the best option for your furry friend. Cats can be fussy creatures. As any pet does, they need to receive the same amount of care and attention that they normally would at home. Every one of our staff members is loving and enjoys giving attention to and playing with any animal that they can. We can assure you that cats who board with us will receive enough, or as little, attention and playtime to satisfy them completely.

We provide purpose-built penthouse cat-pens to ensure complete comfort for cat boarding in Uttoxeter. Our cat units are all indoors and fitted with windows to allow light into the units so that our cat guests can bask in the sun. The units are centrally-heated to ensure maximum comfort, especially in the cold winter. We serve Arden Grange cat food for proper and healthy feeding. We also administer medication for the kitties who have medical conditions. Contact Blakeley Farm today! We encourage you to visit our rural premises to inspect our facilities prior to sending your kitty here. Our only requirement for our cat-boarders is that they are dewormed and have been administrated treatment for fleas.

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