Dog Kennels in Knutton

Dog Kennels in KnuttonAs you may have discovered when searching out dog kennels in Knutton, there is no place like home. To your dog, even home is not like home if you are not in it. So what is a protective fur baby owner supposed to do when he or she has to leave town without their pup? We have all heard of separation anxiety but attributed it to the dog. Here we may see more owners with separation anxiety than dogs. We understand completely. We are a family of animal lovers and we know you feel guilty and anxious leaving your dog behind. That’s why we want to invite you to visit us and spend some time. Tour our whole facility; go along on a dog walk and visit our current resident guests.

We think you will love our rural setting in the Staffordshire Moorlands. From your home in Knutton, dog kennels are less than a 30 minute drive. We built our dog kennels especially for the comfort of dogs including comfy soft beds and a covered exercise area. We can dispense medications if needed. We think an important factor that sets our kennels apart from others is our 24 hour staffing. We do not close the animals up for the night and leave the facility unattended for twelve hours. We keep your pet safe, healthy and active. Our pets are fed twice a day instead of one. The food we provide is the highest quality brand. We have a groomer on site if you would like to treat your sweetie to a spa treatment.

It’s a lucky dog that gets his or her own vacation at our dog kennels in Knutton. We have a condition that all our guests must meet. All vaccinations must be up to date, including kennel cough immunisation. There are no exceptions. This condition is for the protection of your pet and all the others that stay with us. We want to keep all of them healthy. To find out more about premier dog kennels, contact Blakeley Farm. Relieve your anxiety and visit us. Bring your dog and introduce him to the sights and smells. You will feel better about going away without your dog. Since you won’t be transferring all your anxiety to your dog, he too will feel better.

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