Dog Grooming in Knutton

Dog Grooming in KnuttonDog grooming in Knutton is a vital part of the well-being of a dog. All dogs regardless of breed and size need grooming. Some may need more grooming than others. Regular grooming helps your dog feel comfortable and decreases the chance of various health problems. We know that in many breeds you need to be a professional groomer to clip a dog properly. Our staff are very experienced in handling dogs of all breeds and make sure that the dog enjoys the experience. Regular grooming like brushing should be done frequently. This stimulates the blood flow and gets rid of loose hair and skin flakes and promotes a healthy and shiny coat.

When your dog needs a bath in Knutton, dog grooming can allow you to have a clean dog without the wall to wall spatter that normally follows a bath at home. Our groomer baths the dogs in warm water and gives the skin and coat a good scrubbing. The dogs really enjoy feeling clean and it seems to perk them up no end. We only use specially formulated dog shampoo which nourishes the skin and coat. Once dry the dog will have another brushing session to get rid of any loose hair. We also offer hand stripping for certain breeds and appropriate clipping styles for many smaller dog breeds. Smaller dogs need to be clipped and groomed about every three months.

Dog grooming in Knutton can be done while your dog is in our boarding kennels. Contact Blakeley Farm today and book a stay or a grooming appointment. Our professional dog groomer is friendly and helpful and will offer advice on a number of issues. Any questions you may have on styling and clipping will be answered in a friendly and efficient manner. The dog is groomed before a bath to get rid of excess hair so that the shampoo can reach the skin and clean the dog properly. Most large breeds of dogs only need a bath a couple of times a year.

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