Cat Boarding in Stoke

Cat Boarding in StokeCat boarding in Stoke is a great alternative to worrying about your furry feline while you are away. If your friendly neighbour is unavailable to feed your cat while you need to be away on a business trip, we can assist. As a family of animal enthusiasts, we will take care of your fluff ball as though he was our own. We proudly boast of 32 purpose built cat pens, each with windows and centrally heated so your cat will be warm and cosy while he is here with us. Your cat will be able to peek out of the windows to see his neighbours!

There is no need to worry about the safety of your cat while you are away. In Stoke, cat boarding is one of the services we offer. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness, and quality of care we provide our guests. Worried that your fussy cat won’t eat? There is no need as we provide luxury Arden Grange complete cat food to our boarders. Our cattery is open 7 days a week, and is staffed throughout the day and night. We also make use of CCTV to ensure the safety and security of our guests. We welcome all cats of all ages to our cattery. We do however, request that all their inoculations are up to date as shown on their vet card, and that they have been treated for worms and fleas.

We provide an excellent service with our cat boarding in Stoke. If you are unable to bring your cat yourself, speak to us as we can arrange a local collection. When it is time for your kitty to go home, we can also arrange a drop off service for him. If you would like to know more about cat boarding facilities, contact Blakeley Farm. If you cat needs a daily dose of medications, we are happy to administer his medication as instructed. Other than quality food and a comfortable place to rest, we will give your cat as much attention and cuddles as he needs. Let your cat have a holiday at Blakeley Farm while you are away!

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