Dog Boarding in Cresswell

Dog boarding in CresswellDog boarding in Cresswell is important to all pet owners. You need to be sure that your dog will be cared for as it is at home. Our guests have a number of walks a day in the clean and healthy country air. Here they can run in the grass and smell all the delicious aromas of strange animals that they never come across at home. They also make friends and play with other dogs to burn off excess energy. Our staff love animals and are constantly petting and playing with their wards. We only feed the dogs the best food available and make sure they eat their meals. Their water is changed regularly so they have fresh water at all times.

Many people take the opportunity to go on holiday in summer. In Cresswell, dog boarding becomes most important at this time of year. A holiday to the seaside or over to the continent is well deserved and much enjoyed. The only down side is the family’s furry members. It is often not possible to take them with you and you need to be sure they will be well looked after while you are away. If you need a safe place for your dogs while you are on holiday, consider Blakeley Farm Kennels. We ensure that the beds are soft and warm and clean. Your dog will be intrigued by the new surroundings and with so many interesting new things to investigate will miss you a little less.

Dog boarding in Cresswell is affordable and offers the dog a country holiday. Contact Blakeley Farm today and book your dog in for a stay with us. Our kennels are clean and hygienic and as all the dogs that stay have to have their vaccinations your dog will stay healthy. Our aim is to allow your dog to enjoy a holiday on a farm in the country. Many dogs are from the city or towns and do not have the advantage of spending time in the country. We welcome prospective clients to visit our facilities and see how happy our guests are.

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