Dog Grooming in Blythe Bridge

Dog Grooming in Blythe BridgeSchedule a pampering session of dog grooming in Blythe Bridge for your puppy this summer. The warmer weather means more walk time, which in turns means more spelunking in muddy puddles and rolling in the grass. What a treat for your dog! What isn’t quite as exciting is having to pick dried mud out of matted fur (and your carpets) and pinning your dog down long enough to hose them off. If you want a break from having to keep your energetic young pup clean, call Blakeley Farm today. We offer professional, affordable and convenient dog grooming services that will provide both you and your dog with some much-needed TLC.

Give yourself the afternoon off and bring your puppy to us instead. In Blythe Bridge, dog grooming at our kennels is relaxing, comfortable and, most importantly, thorough. You will be amazed at the sparkling clean dog that steps out after our care with a glossy trimmed coat, clipped nails and a happy grin. We offer the regular shampoo and drying as well as all the extras, like brushing, nose, eye and ear cleaning, nail clipping and fur trimming. If you have a long-haired dog that suffers during the summer, we can trim down the hair to help them cope with the heat. Wiry-haired dogs that don’t shed easily can also benefit from our hand stripping service to remove all the matted and knotted dead hair.

Even if your dog is the run-and-hide type when it comes to bath time, they are sure to enjoy our dog grooming in Blythe Bridge. As animal lovers with a history of top quality animal care, we ensure that every dog is subjected to the highest levels of comfort in our care. Our dog grooming is friendly and gentle to put even the grumpiest or most frightened dog at the ease. After the lovely grooming session and a belly rub, they will never hate bath time again. Contact Blakeley Farm to find out more about our dog grooming services or our boarding facilities. All breeds and ages of dogs are welcome to come for a pampering day of grooming at our kennels.

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