Dog Grooming in Biddulph

Dog Grooming in BiddulphDog grooming in Biddulph at Blakeley Farm is reliable and efficient. Are you tired of trying to get your dog to stand still while you carefully try and trim his coat? Scared that you are going to mess up? Is you pooch looking less pampered than he should? Maybe a little scruffy or in desperate need of a professional cut? No problem. We offer only the very best care and grooming facilities with professional, experienced groomers. So if your little fur ball is looking more like a mud ball, Blakeley Farm is the place to call.

If you live with a furry friend in Biddulph, dog grooming is something to consider. It is important that the longer haired dogs get the correct cut by a professional. Not only do we offer dog grooming but we have dog kennels, as well as a cattery, for those long trips away from home when you can’t bring your pets along for the ride. This is ideal as you can enjoy your holiday while your dog can have fun feeling like he is at a spa, enjoying two walks a day and eating only the very best dog food. Then, when it is time to come home, he can be bathed, clipped and fully groomed at our grooming facility so he is spotless when you come to pick him up. Whether your dog is an award winning show dog getting ready for his big day or just the family pet in need of a little TLC, Blakeley Farm is here to help.

Dog grooming in Biddulph is the smart option. For more information about our quality dog grooming service, contact Blakeley Farm. As a bonus, we have a stay for the day option where you can drop your dog off in the morning and they can be groomed while you are at work and you can pick them up when you are finished. Your dog will look and feel one hundred times better after he has been groomed, so make the right choice today, he will thank you for it.

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