Dog Grooming in Cresswell

Dog grooming in CresswellDog grooming in Cresswell is essential especially in summer. Long haired dogs suffer from the heat and can get very muddy in the rain. Strangely enough dogs usually enjoy playing in the rain and in puddles and lakes, even in the cold weather but mention the B word in their presence and off they go. A lovely warm bath of water is just so scary and unpleasant and yet after the fighting and struggling they become energised and race all over the garden. They love to feel clean but on their own terms.

Anyone who has owned a dog knows how difficult it can be to bath them. In Cresswell, dog grooming will allow you to have your dog properly bathed without leaving your bathroom full of water and mud. If your dog has long hair it is even more difficult as not many people are equipped with the necessary equipment and skill to cut their hair without cutting the dog. It takes a number of years to develop the necessary skill to be able to correctly clip a dog so that it does not look as if the moths chewed his fur. Our dog groomer can give your dog the perfect breed standard clip. We make sure we remove all the matting in the hair that can be so uncomfortable. Some breeds need to be hand stripped rather than clipped and there is an art to doing it without hurting the dog.

Our boarding kennel also offers dog grooming in Cresswell for customers that are staying with us or for dogs that will just be with us for the day. Contact Blakeley Farm today and book your dog in for a shampoo and clip or just for a bath. We are a family run business and have been caring for dogs for over 14 years. Our premises are in a beautiful country setting and we cater for dogs and cats in separate kennels and cattery. We welcome any prospective customers to visit us whenever we are open to check our facilities.

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