Kennels in Blyth Bridge

Kennels in Blyth BridgeKennels in Blyth Bridge can be a relief if you are planning a vacation this December. While we love our dogs and would happily bring them along on holiday, this can be difficult to arrange and may not be in the dog’s best interests. Even adventurous dogs may feel overwhelmed by such a large adventure as leaving home, traveling for hours and staying in a strange place. The displacement and lack of familiarity can cause stress in dogs. The place you are vacationing at may not allow pets, and if they do, there is the issue of other pets around that may be unfriendly towards your dogs. There is also the additional inconvenience of having someone stay behind with your dog whenever you want to go out to dinner, the pool, movies and many other activities. If your dog is very young or very old, they may be more susceptible to any different germs, climate and terrain that can cause injury or illness.

Instead of the stress and difficulty of bringing your dogs with you on holiday, why not give them a little holiday of their own? In Blyth Bridge, kennels are a great place to leave your dogs while you are away. Blakeley Farm offers top class kennels for man’s best friend that offer a temporary home away from home. We have 60 heated and purpose-built kennels that are expertly designed to provide the utmost comfort for dogs. The kennels are staffed 27/7, offering plenty of time for cuddles, walks and games as well as company and security. We use high quality Arden Grange pet food that even the fussiest eaters can enjoy. If your dog has any special medication or medical requirements, we cater for most and can administer medication as required. Our staff are all professional animal lovers and go above and beyond to ensure your dog is comfortable and well-cared for.

Our kennels in Blyth Bridge are situated in a beautiful rural setting. Dogs can enjoy walks and runs in the natural environment. Contact Blakeley Farm for kennels that go the extra mile for your dogs while you are away. We are sure that your furry friends will love their holiday!

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