Kennels in Cresswell

Kennels in CresswellBlakeley Farm operates kennels in Cresswell, so if you are looking for a five star retreat that will care for your dog in the manner to which he has become accustomed, call us.  Our custom built kennels are in the beautiful countryside and staffed with our family of animal lovers. Our kennels are warm and dry so your buddy will be comfortable. We feed twice a day and walk every day. In between, your dog will enjoy our all weather dog runs, frequent visits that include personal attention and quiet naps when he’s ready. Our doggie guests must have up to date vaccines including the one for kennel cough. That way, everybody goes home healthy.

Our dogs share our lives so it’s only natural to be concerned for their well being when you go on holiday or a business trip and leave them in the care of others. That is why in Cresswell, kennels at Blakeley Farm welcomes you to tour our site, see our kennels and meet our staff. Unlike some kennels, Blakely Farm is staffed 24 hours a day and we utilise CCTV to monitor the facility. We gladly offer pickup and drop off service as a convenience. You can’t very well ask the airport shuttle to stop by our place and drop your dog off. We can pick your dog up well before time for you to leave home and return him when you notify us you are ready for him.

If this is your first experience leaving your best friend in dog kennels in Cresswell you may worry your dog will be frightened and anxious when you leave. For the smoothest parting we recommend you project calm and confidence. If you are anxious, your dog will know and in turn be fearful. Our staff quickly engages your dog in play, or a walk and even if they sulk at first, most dogs adapt to their new pack quickly. We are very attentive to their needs. Your dog may be on medication for arthritis, insulin for diabetes or some other malady. You can be confident there will be no interruption in his treatment. Contact Blakeley Farm and schedule a tour. Bring your dog and familiarise him with our surroundings. He will fit in just fine.

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