Dog Grooming in Leek

Dog Grooming in LeekWith our dog grooming in Leek we can offer a day of pampering for your pooch. Our groomer has many years of experience with clipping and bathing dogs of all sizes. Some dogs have to be plucked and some can be clipped. Our groomer can do both with no discomfort to the dog. There are traditional styles for certain dogs that epitomise the breed.  Besides a warm bath, blow dry and a clip to neaten the coat we can also check the nails of the dog. Many dogs do not exercise on hard surfaces and this allows their nails to grow long and can damage their feet if left. We make sure they are kept to a decent length.

It is amazing that when the weather is bad your dog wants to go outside but mention a bath and it runs away. In Leek, dog grooming is the easy way to get your dog clean and neat. A large dog can be a nightmare to try and bath as they are strong and very determined. Our groomer knows how to handle them and can have it clean and dry in no time at all. Because it is so cold out now we make sure the dogs are completely dry before they go home. This is also not the right time of the year to take off too much of the coat.

We can offer dog grooming in Leek to our doggy boarders and also to day visitors. If you would like to book your precious dog in for a day of pampering, contact Blakeley Farm. Our beautiful rural location is perfect for all animals and we have a cattery and a kennel block with individual heating and covered runs where the animals can be warm and dry but still get exercise. The dogs are taken out onto our large property for walks while the cats bask in their warm chalets. The animals have fresh water available at all times and get fed the most nutritious food available. Prospective customers are welcome to inspect our premises at any time we are open.

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