Catteries in Blythe Bridge

Catteries in Blythe BridgeOur catteries in Blythe Bridge are the right place to leave your beloved feline friends when you need to be away. At Blakeley Farm, we give them all the TLC they’re used to and some more! Pet parents are a worried lot when they want to go on vacation, need to have a surgery or expecting guests who don’t share their feelings for pets. It’s important to find the right place because unlike dogs, cats are much more attached to their homes and deeply value their territory. We are a family-run business and a family of animal lovers, so you can expect your precious kitty to be perfectly cared for. With more than a decade’s experience in the business, our facilities are among the best in the region. We have purpose-built kennels and catteries so your pet can be as safe and comfortable as he or she is at home.

Our deluxe cat pens are single or double unit UPVC constructions, with windows. In Blythe Bridge, catteries in our farm are all situated indoors and centrally heated. That gives your cat independence and also plenty to look at. Every unit is kept spic and span, regularly aired and cleaned. We offer Arden Grange feed. Our request to all clients is that your cats should be administered flea and worm treatment before coming to us. We’d also like to see proof of vaccination. This ensures that your pets and others don’t face any risks of disease or infection.

The best time to look for catteries in Blythe Bridge is when you don’t really need it! This gives you the time and leisure to visit several times, talk to the owners, examine the facilities and satisfy yourself that this is indeed the right place. You’re welcome to visit us at any time, so contact Blakeley Farm. Services include 24×7 surveillance on CCTV, with our trained team on site at all times and we’re open 7 days a week. For your convenience we offer pick up and drop off facilities. If your pet has a medical condition, we can ensure that medication is administered at the right times.


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