Dog Grooming in Eccleshall

Dog Grooming in EccleshallBlakeley Farm offers dog grooming in Eccleshall for our canine resident guests and day trippers. We have excellent groomers on staff that handle your dog exactly the way you expect. They take the time to assess the dogs’ reaction to the grooming process and adapt to meet their need. Some dogs love to be groomed. The warm water and shampoo massage puts them in a state of Nirvana. Others just deal with it as part of life; they can take it or leave it. Some dogs get wet and experience an adrenaline like rush that takes an hour to get out of their system. Then there is the dog that reads your mind and hides behind the curtains at bath time. He has to be physically and forcefully removed from hiding and placed in the bath. The rest of the grooming time he trembles and a long nap is necessary for full recovery.

It is likely that all dogs feel some anxiety when being groomed. For dogs in Eccleshall, dog grooming with our groomers is geared to comfort and reassure your animal each step of the way. Tell us about your dog’s allergies or skin conditions so we can use speciality products that will soothe irritations. When a haircut is scheduled, trust our skilled groomers to follow your preferences for all breeds. Every area of your dog’s grooming routine is attended to. Ears are cleaned, stains around eyes and mouth are removed, nails trimmed and if you prefer a special scent or no scent at all, let us know.

Dog grooming in Eccleshall may not be your dog’s favourite activity but it’s an important one. While grooming we will also be checking for signs of ear infections, skin rashes, cracked or irritated paw pads, lumps or abrasions that hair may have hidden. We will even brush their teeth and check for irritated gums. Our pets live in our homes, sleep on our beds and play on our carpets with the kids. Keep them clean and contact Blakeley Farm to schedule a spa day for your dog with one of our groomers. At the end of the session you get to take your sweet smelling fluffy best friend home and enjoy.

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