Dog Kennels in Cheddleton

Dog Kennels in CheddletonIf you are searching for competitively priced and secure dog kennels in Cheddleton, Blakeley Farm is the place to contact. If you are like most dog owners, your dog is more than just a family pet, he is likely a valued member of the family. That is why it can be challenging to find the most suitable kennels for while you are away. You will want to know that your precious dog is safe and well cared for while you are away. At Blakeley Farm Kennels, we are a friendly team of animal enthusiasts that love caring for animals.

You are also welcome to pay us a visit. In Cheddleton, dog kennels that meet your requirements will provide you with peace of mind that your dog is safe and happy in your absence. We welcome visitors, and you can see for yourself how happy and content the animals in our care are. The dog kennels we offer to our guests are purpose built with all weather runs to provide your dog with a warm, safe and comfortable place to stay. As we have a selection of both single and double chalets, we are happy to accommodate more than 1 dog from the same family. We accept all breeds of dogs, large and small, and all we ask is that they are fully inoculated. We will require proof of inoculation on admission of your dog. Our kennels are staffed 24 hours a day, and as we have the services of a local vet, any problems that arise can be swiftly and expertly dealt with.

Dog kennels in Cheddleton can put your mind at ease, know that your precious pup is well-cared for and safe while you are away. For more information about the dog kennels we have on offer, please contact Blakeley Farm Kennels. You will also be pleased to know that your dog will eat like a king while he is staying with us. We provide quality Arden Grange dog food. All the dogs in our care are exercised daily, ensuring they are happy and content.

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