Cat Kennel in Blythe Bridge

Cat Kennel in Blythe BridgePet owners are always looking for a reputable cat kennel in Blyth Bridge to care for their pet while they are away on holiday. These are not always easy to find. You want to be sure that your cat will be well cared for and safe. We are a family run business that has over 15 years experience in caring for peoples pets, both cats and dogs. We are very proud of our purpose built kennel and cattery facilities on our beautiful rural property.  Your cat will be very comfortable in our luxury cat pens. We have 32 purpose-built single or double white UPVC penthouse cat units with windows. The pens are indoors and are fully centrally heated.

Relying on a friend to look after your cat when you are away can be dangerous. In Blythe Bridge, cat kennel care with us is unrivalled. The cats can look through the windows of their pen at their neighbours and if you have two cats they can share the same cat pen. We make sure that the pens are scrupulously clean at all times and the cats are fed some of the best cat food available. We make sure that their diet is full of all the nutrients they need. Our facilities are staffed at all times and we have CCTV in operation. We are open 7 days a week so that you can deliver and collect your pet any day of the week, even weekends.

We are a loving and caring cat kennel in Blythe Bridge. Our staff all adore animals and take the greatest care of their well being. Contact Blakeley Farm today to book your pet in when you next need a cat kennel. We welcome potential customers to come and inspect our facilities at any time we are open to satisfy them that their animals will get the best treatment while they stay with us. We insist that all cats must have up to date vaccinations and flea and worm treatment to protect all the cats that stay with us. Let your furry friend have a holiday at our cat kennel while you enjoy yours!

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