Kennels in Eccleshall

Kennels in EccleshallWhen you know your doggy’s safe at our kennels in Eccleshall, you can take off happily on your dream vacation. Whenever you need to go out of town, Blakeley Farm offers top-quality facilities for your precious four-legged friend. As a family run business, we have a hands-on approach to pet care and are available on site, 24×7. We have more than 15 years’ experience in this sector and our lovely rural setting in the countryside just outside Stoke-on-Trent is the perfect home-away-from-home. You may want to leave your pet for just a few days, or for an extended holiday. Whatever your requirement, we are happy to take your furry friends in. Our facilities comprise 56 purpose-built, heated kennels with all-weather runs, with a choice of single or double accommodation. We’re fully licensed by the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and provide Arden Grange food if you need. We have CCTV coverage at all times, with a collection and drop-off service available on request.

Finding the right boarding kennel is crucial. In Eccleshall, kennels should be chosen very carefully. Apart from lack of care, badly-maintained kennels can seriously endanger your pet’s life and health. Our quality care gives you peace of mind and confidence for a stress-free vacation. Though many hotels today are pet-friendly, transporting your pet to and fro, along with the stress of adjusting to a new place can ruin any holiday. Most of our business comes via recommendations from previous and existing clients. This is really the best way to find the right kennel. Your vet, friends, neighbours, dog-trainers and animal shelters are good sources of information if you’re new in the area. Ensure that the kennel operates under proper licensing regulations.

Trust your instincts when you visit kennels in Eccleshall. It should smell and look clean, hygienic, bright and well-ventilated. Temperature control, exercise facilities, rates and additional services are also important. When you are looking for kennals for your dog, contact Blakeley Farm. While many freelance operators and animal lovers take in boarders on a casual basis, this can be risky. Ensure that you visit the facilities before you sign up. Take your pet along after an initial visit, so that it gets familiar with the location.


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