Dog Grooming in Cheadle

Dog Grooming in CheadleMaintaining a dog can be difficult and time consuming without professional dog grooming in Cheadle. We can help with all your grooming requirements and our friendly and experienced dog groomers are able to give your dog a bath after it has been in boarding making sure you take home a clean and happy dog.  Our grooming services cater for all your pet’s needs including a state of the art grooming centre for all your dogs beauty needs. We cater for all breeds of dog both big and small. Our professional groomer will discuss your requirements and offer advice on the best clipping style for your dog. A hand stripping service is also available for certain breeds that need some help getting rid of excess hair in the summer.

You are welcome to leave your dog at the grooming centre for the day and collect it when you return home from work. In Cheadle, dog grooming is considered an important part of our pet care service. Large dogs can be very difficult to bath at home as they often know what is coming and can be very obstinate. Bending over a bath to try and clean a reluctant dog is stressful and tiring. We have the best facilities to handle even the largest dog and the finesse and patience to bath the most reluctant dog. Muddy dogs can be an all too common problem and dogs with long hair seem to relish rolling in the mud.

We offer an expert service in dog grooming in Cheadle. Contact Blakeley Farm today to book an appointment for your pet to be pampered. We are a family run business that provides a high standard of care for dogs and cats. Purpose built, separate kennels and cattery for boarders provide a luxury stay for your animals when you go away. We welcome inspections by prospective clients and are always happy to show them around the facilities. We have been in operation for over 15 years and love spending time with our guests while feeding, walking and playing with them.

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