Dog Boarding in Stoke

Dog Boarding in StokeHaving the choice of dog boarding in Stoke gives you the opportunity to broaden your options for the care your furry friend receives if you have to be away from them for a while. Most times, certain travels will not accommodate you taking along a pet, unless it’s for medical reasons. This can put you as a pet owner at a conundrum, especially if you’re particular about how your pet should be cared for. As convenient as it is to have a neighbour or family member look after it for the duration of you being away, they may not do a good a job as you’d want them to. Lists may help make the process easier for them, but no one can predict what can happen, and that’s when neglect may kick in. However, with dog boarding, you can be assured of quality care all through.

We are a family-run business that provides a high standard of care for your pet. In Stoke, dog boarding at Blakeley Farm is specially designed to provide the same care and comfort to your dog that it would get while at home. We have 56 kennels with all-weather runs for total comfort for your dog. No matter the size of your dog, we are able to accommodate it. We have single and double kennels available, so if you’re bringing in more than one, they can stay together. A good diet is important, and that is why we feed them Arden Grange complete, twice a day. If your dog needs a special diet, we’ll be sure to cater to it. Additionally, the dogs will be exercised daily for an all-round healthy lifestyle. Our business goes above and beyond the average care giving so that you can have total peace of mind while away from your furry friend.

If you’re traveling for a few days or a number of weeks and are on the lookout for dog boarding in Stoke, contact Blakeley Farm today. We are fully licensed by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council. Please note that your dog must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination provided before admission.


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