Kennels in Stallington

Kennels in StallingtonIf you are checking out kennels in Stallington be sure visit us and meet our family and staff. We’re in a gorgeous rural setting just outside Stoke-on-Trent with convenient access. We have dedicated our kennels to the care of your canine companions and feel certain you’ll agree when you see our facilities. We can accommodate 56 dogs so make your reservations ahead of time and we’ll likely have the space available. Each of those 56 kennels are heated and have covered runs. We didn’t just convert a building into a dog boarding facility. The kennels were specifically built for the comfort, well-being and safety of dogs in all weather. We have been established since 1993.

We are family owned but 100% experienced and professional in animal care and safety. For dog owners of all breeds in Stallington, our kennels are welcoming. However, we do have some rules we think you’ll appreciate since they are for the benefit of all our guests. We request they be up to date on all their vaccines. There is a kennel cough vaccine that you may have never considered before or needed. We require each dog have received  that vaccine to protect all the dogs. If your dog requires medication we can administer it as directed. Dogs need to have collar and clip leads which aids in their daily exercise. We follow a twice a day feeding schedule. We don’t think you’ll find any hardship in our rules and hope they inspire confidence that your pet is safe with us.

Kennels in Stallington are staffed 24 hours a day and we make use of closed circuit T.V. for additional safety. Our facility is fully licensed by our district council and insured. Schedule your dog for a day or a few weeks. Our prices are quite reasonable. We also have onsite grooming if you’d like to include that in your boarding agreement. Your dog doesn’t have to be a guest here to schedule grooming; just make an appointment with our groomer. When you have to be away from home, contact Blakeley Farm and be assured your pet will be well cared for. If you need us to collect your dog before you leave and deliver him upon your return we can arrange that service for you.

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