Dog Boarding in Uttoxeter

Dog Boarding in UttoxeterWhy entrust dog boarding in Uttoxeter to inexperienced and unreliable kennels? Your precious furry friend could suffer neglect, abuse, pest attacks or catch dangerous illnesses in unhygienic and ill-managed boarding kennels. At Blakeley Farm, we have more than fifteen years’ experience in running our business from the serene, calm and well-maintained premises of our own farm. This charming rural setting located just outside Stoke-on-Trent is the perfect choice when you need to be away from your pet for a long or short term. Our highly trained, friendly, experienced team of true animal-lovers will ensure that your pet stays safe, comfortable, well fed and well exercised while you’re away. They will enjoy their own holiday too.

For dog owners in Uttoxeter, dog boarding services should be chosen after you’ve thoroughly researched the facilities at each boarding kennel. We offer top quality professional canine care in our 56 purpose-built, temperature-controlled kennels, with a choice of single or double boarding. The site is supervised and staffed 24×7. Your pet gets enough exercise in the all-weather runs that are attached to the kennels so that they can stretch their limbs, rain or shine. Whether yours is a large or small breed, we’re glad to welcome them, provided their immunisation schedules are up to date. All dogs are fed twice daily with Arden Grange products but if your pet prefers a special diet or is on medication, let us know and we can help with that too. We are fully licensed by the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and maintain very high standards of care and hygiene.

There may be some unregistered services that offer dog boarding in Uttoxeter. As a responsible pet-owner, make sure that you don’t choose one of these “backyard” services where dogs are kept in crowded, unclean surroundings. When you are looking for dog boarding where you know your pup will be safe and cared for while you are away, contact Blakeley Farm. We understand how difficult it is to be parted from a pet. That’s why we encourage pet-parents to visit our farm and feel reassured about the facilities.

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