Catteries in Leek

Catteries in LeekReputable catteries in Leek can be the safest place for your cat while you are away from home.  We cannot always be at home with our pets and when we go on holiday we need to be sure that our pets will be happy and well fed. The cats have their own individual heated chalets and a run where they can bask in the sun.  The run is weatherproof so that they can also go out on rainy days without getting wet. If you have more than one cat they are welcome to share a chalet. We find that if they have the company of a friend they settle in quickly and are not as stressed.  We pay particular attention to settling the pet in by spending time with them so that they get to know us.  Once they trust us they tend to be more content.

Your furry family members need looking after while you are away. In Leek, catteries are important to keep your treasured pet safe and secure. Our clients need to make sure that all pet vaccinations are up to date as a precaution.  Cats from villages or towns seem to appreciate being in a quiet rural area. The smells are different and exciting and they have their chalet to relax in if they want privacy.  The litter boxes are cleaned rigorously and their water is changed daily.  If there is anything else we can do to make your cat feel at home do not hesitate to tell us.

Using well-known and respected catteries in Leek is important when you have to go on a business trip.  Contact Blakeley Farm today or visit us to inspect our cattery facilities. We make sure that your cat is well looked after by our team of animal lovers.  We have years of experience looking after cats and making sure all their needs are met.  Our cattery provides the most nutritious food for your cat to keep it healthy. Members of our staff have loads of practice giving cats medicine so if your cat needs to be medicated we will ensure that it receives its daily dose.

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