Dog Boarding in Cresswell

Dog Boarding in CresswellIf you are having trouble finding dog boarding in Cresswell because of the breed of your dog or because your dog has special needs, Blakeley Farm Kennels may be your solution. We have so much room at our farm kennels in a lovely rural setting that we can accommodate most breeds. If your dog has other behavioural problems that are not a safety threat to others, our animal loving family will provide him the attention he needs or give him his space, whichever he prefers. Dogs are creatures of habit, so let us get to know your dog’s needs and it’s likely we can provide him with safety, security and comfort. We can administer maintenance medications faithfully or special foods if needed. We care for the whole animal and it’s a fact they are not all the same.

Our kennels were specially built for your dog’s comfort and sense of security. In Cresswell, dog boarding is clean bedding, fresh food and water, plenty of attention and great exercise breaks. We are very attentive to each dogs sense of wellbeing. Some need a lot of attention and others are a bit more aloof. We know some just tolerate us for the food and water while they await your return. But it’s okay, we love and care for them all using our many years of experience and the instincts only animal lovers have. We do have a fabulous groomer on site if you’d like for your dog to have a spa day before you come home.

Dog boarding in Cresswell is focused on the health and safety of your companion animal. We require all dogs to be vaccinated including against kennel cough. This is for the protection of your dog as well as the others. Nobody needs to go home sick because they’ve been in close proximity to other dogs. Bring them to us healthy and they will go home healthy. Contact Blakeley Farm when you’re in need of dog boarding for your dog while you’re away. We invite you to tour our facility and see first-hand the care, comfort and attention we provide for all of our dogs. We want you to feel comfortable in the knowledge that your pet is well cared for. Then you can concentrate on your business or pleasure trip.

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