Expert Service for Dog Grooming in Knutton by a Professional Team

dog grooming in KnuttonTreat your cherished four-footed friend to the best dog grooming in Knutton. At Blakeley Farm your pet is sure to enjoy being pampered and feel proud to show off a clean and shiny coat. Our team of highly experienced, trained and friendly animal-lovers can provide top-quality services for dogs and cats in our spacious and well-maintained family farm. The charming rural setting near Stoke on Trent is a place that your pets will love to return to if you need to leave them while you’re away. Most pet-owners fret about leaving their precious darlings alone in the house, or are afraid to entrust the house and the pet to a pet-sitter. Some of them have had bad experiences with kennels and pet boarding services.

For pet owners in Knutton, dog grooming is not only to make your pet look his or her best, it’s also a way of ensuring that they’re comfortable, clean and in good health. Before choosing a pet grooming service, it’s important to do your research and homework. Get recommendations from trustworthy sources like friends, family and co-workers. Your vet or local pet shop owner can give you lots of useful tips and recommendations. Vets are usually well networked and they can give expert opinions on the quality of service at a groomer’s. Once you short-list a few names, take a personal tour of each one. This allows you to evaluate the level and quality of service, hygiene and how they handle pets there.

Decide the kind of dog grooming in Knutton you need before you take your dog there. Otherwise you could end up paying out a lot of money for unnecessary services or miss getting the ones you really need. We offer an affordable, professional dog grooming service that will have your pooch looking and smelling great. For more information, or to make a booking, contact Blakeley Farm today. You are welcome to use our services for a once off grooming session or select a regular grooming schedule. Our dedicated and caring team will ensure your pooch is looking his best!

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