Find Top Class Catteries in Biddulph for Your Feline Princess

catteries in BiddulphIt is nearly time for your holiday but you are worried about catteries in Biddulph for your cat. Your feline princess is a fussy creature and enjoys the familiarity of your routine. She also likes a particular type of food and likes a particular blanket to have her afternoon snooze. You’ve asked around, but no-one is available to come to your home to feed her. If you are concerned about your cat while you are away, don’t be. We offer first class cat boarding facilities that will ensure your cat is content and safe during your absence.

Why not pay us a visit? In Biddulph, catteries such as our welcome our potential guests’ owners. When they visit our cattery they can see what happens here while their cat is a visitor. We will happily show you around so you can admire the purpose built chalets for the cats. You will be able to approve of the top quality range of pet food that each cat receives, twice a day. If your princess is on medication, not to worry, we use the services of a vet who will administer your cat’s medication as required. Our cattery is run by a dedicated team of animal lovers. Your cat will receive attention and care, delicious, nutritious Arden Grange pet food, and will be safe and comfortable. Your princess can enjoy her holiday while you enjoy yours! Our premises are secure and a member of staff is present at all times. It is also protected by 24-hour CCTV coverage as well. We also take great pride in our cleanliness and well cared for facilities.

When you need professional catteries in Biddulph for your feline princess, you cannot pick better than Blakeley Farm. All we require from you when you bring your cat to stay with us is that her inoculations are up to date, she is fully dewormed and has had flea treatment. This is to ensure her health and safety as well as that of our other guests. To find out more about our cattery, contact Blakeley Farm today. Our friendly team is looking forward to having your cat stay!

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