Dog Boarding in Knutton for Your Pet’s Well-Being and Safety

Dog Boarding in Knutton Dog boarding in Knutton is what our family does at Blakeley Farm in the nearby countryside of Stoke-on Trent. We’re all animal lovers so this business of caring for animals is a good fit. Our rural farm location is also idyllic. More and more hotels are allowing guests to bring their dog along when they travel. That’s good because generally dogs behave better than some people. The hotels usually have a rule that you can’t leave your dog alone in the room. So, unless you plan to dine on takeaway during your vacation and view the sights from your car, consider leaving your dog with us. Often, it’s just not possible to bring your dog along on holiday or business trips. Many dogs are not comfortable travelling anyway.

Our boarding facility is a dogs delight.  For our guests in Knutton, dog boarding with us means lots of fun, good food and plenty of supervised exercise on the grounds of our farm. Our kennels are warm and comfortable plus some are large enough for two dogs. If you have two dogs and they’re happier together, then they can stay in one of our “double rooms”. Our dog runs are weather protected so your dogs will have freedom of access regardless of the weather. We provide a very high quality brand of food but if special meals are needed we can provide them. Our staff is friendly and generous with attention to the dogs as they work among them. Ear scratches, belly rubs and comforting chat are plentiful.

We do have a few rules for those interested in dog boarding in Knutton with us. We require that all dogs be up to date with their vaccinations including kennel cough. Our primary responsibility, as we see it, is to keep your dog safe while you are away. With all dogs being vaccinated, your dog and all others, will be safe from disease. If your dog requires medication, we can administer it while you are away. We also require collar and separate lead. Contact us when you need a safe and healthy place to board your dog while you are away. The facility is supervised by staff 24 hours a day and we have CCTV for added security. Our fully licensed facility has been established since 2003. Your dog is safe with us.

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