Professionally Run Kennels in Leek, Affordable Holiday Care for Your Dog

Kennels in LeekIt is a good idea to start looking for kennels in Leek long before you make your final holiday arrangements. Planning a holiday is a wonderful, exciting thing to do. The itinerary, the clothing to take with, the transport to and from the venue – all these aspects are important. One rally important aspect that cannot be overlooked is the care of your beloved pets while you are away. If your dogs aren’t properly cared for in your absence, you will undo all the excitement of your long awaited trip. You’ll spend half your holiday wondering if your dog is okay, and feeling guilty that you couldn’t take him along with you. To put your mind at ease, long before you leave on holiday, look into the best kennels in the area.

We welcome your dog to our boarding facilities. In Leek, kennels, when professionally run, are the best place for your dog to be when you are not available. We offer 56 purpose built kennels for our guests. Each kennel is warm and comfortable. We also have both single and double kennels on offer for those doggy friends who cannot bear to be apart from each other. We take the well-being and safety of our guests seriously. To ensure that they are safe, our kennels are manned throughout the day and night. We also have CCTV in operation as an extra measure. You will also be pleased to know that your dog will be well fed in your absence. We offer the top quality Arden Grange range of pet food. All our doggy guests are walked daily, given love and attention and cared for as if they were our own.

You can plan the rest of your holiday with peace of mind, knowing that you can trust our kennels in Leek. We also welcome site inspections, and you are welcome to pay us a visit. You will see how happy our animals are and the dedication and care of our team.  If you are looking for professionally run kennels for your dog, contact Blakeley Farm. All we ask is that your dog has his vaccinations up to date as indicated on his vet card.

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