Dog Grooming in Cresswell, a Delightful Treat for Your Furry Friend

Dog Grooming in CresswellArrange for dog grooming in Cresswell with our groomers at Blakeley Farm. It’s true that our clients who board their dogs and cats with us love that we have a groomer on site. Many will schedule a spa day for their furry friends when they board with us. They like bringing home a freshly groomed pet after being away for awhile. But you don’t have to board with us to benefit from our great dog grooming services. We welcome everyone to our facility. Our whole staff is made up of animal lovers. So, you can count on our groomers to provide gentle and loving care when grooming your dog. We are gifted in calming most dogs so they enjoy their baths and are as relaxed as possible for hair and nail trimming. Most dogs love the attention. Our groomers listen to you, the dog owner, and ask about your preferences. For those in Cresswell, dog grooming by our groomers means we want the results that will please you. Hypoallergenic shampoo, lavender scented or no scent at all, puppy cut or just a slight trim are just some of the preferences you may have. You know what you like and we’ll abide by that. There is another side benefit to bringing your dog to us for grooming. Our place will become familiar to your dog. Walk the grounds a bit each time so your dog feels comfortable among us. Then, when the time comes that you need to be away from home, you’ll feel comfortable placing your dog in our care for a few days. Your dog will feel more comfortable too.

Dog grooming in Cresswell is just one of the ways our family and staff are here to serve  you  and your pets. When you board your pets with us, they are looked after 24 hours a day. We provide plenty of fresh air, exercise, fresh food and water. The kennels and cattery are warm and comfortable. Above all, your pets are safe with us. As you become familiar with our facility, we think you will come to trust us with your pets. Meanwhile, doggy needs a bath and we’d love to provide this service. Contact us to schedule an appointment for dog grooming with one of our groomers. We think you’ll be pleased with our skills and pricing.

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