Top Quality Dog Boarding in Stallington, Excellent Care at Excellent Prices

Dog Boarding in StallingtonYou’ll be searching for professional dog boarding in Stallington if you need to leave town for a couple of days. It’s likely that you cannot find anyone to look after your pooch at such notice. It can also be worrying to have to rely on a neighbour to look after your fur baby while you are out. This is when searching for professional dog boarding facilities makes perfect sense. A professional boarding facility will have a trained and experienced team on hand to take care of your dog. They will also have clean and spacious facilities. The meals they provide should be of high quality and sufficient.

If you are looking, in Stallington, for dog boarding that meets your requirements, remember Blakeley Farm. We are a family run business with a friendly team of animal lovers. Offering top quality boarding facilities for both cats and dogs, you can rest assured that your fur baby will be in safe hands while you are away. With 56 purpose built kennels with all-weather runs at our facility, your dog will be safe, exercised and warm during his stay. We also offer a choice of single and double kennels and accept any breed of dog. If you were concerned that your Great Dane wouldn’t be able to stay at our kennels, you can rest assured that, as long as he has all his vaccinations up to date, he is more than welcome. Your dog will be fed twice a day with meals from the Arden Grange Complete range. If he is in a special diet, we would be more than happy to accommodate his needs.

Choose dog boarding in Stallington that is licenced by the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council. Our kennels are staffed 24 hours a day, and we have CCTV coverage as well. For more details about our boarding kennels, contact Blakeley Farm today. We do request that your dog has all his inoculations up to date before he pays us a visit. This includes kennel cough and proof of evidence is required. You may want to book a double kennel for your Great Dane!

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