Choose Professional Dog Grooming in Tunstall to Pamper Your Pooch

Dog Grooming in Tunstall Choose our dog grooming in Tunstall for a day of pampering for your pooch. We have many years of experience in grooming, bathing and clipping all types and sizes of dogs. Some dogs are hesitant to be groomed. Our groomer understands this and uses a gentle and firm hand when grooming dogs. Along with bathing, we also offer clipping the coat nail to neaten it as well as clipping the nails. Many dogs do not exercise on hard surfaces and this allows their nails to grow long and can damage their paws if left unattended. We make sure they are trimmed to a decent length.

If your dog has been a guest as a boarder at our kennels, we can provide a grooming service so he is beautifully clean and neat before he goes home. In Tunstall, dog grooming is also offered to our day visitors. If you prefer, your dog can stay with us for the day to receive his rooming session. He can be collected when you are on your way home from work at the end of the day. Dogs seem to love romping outside in all kinds of weather, when if you mention the word ‘bath’, he promptly disappears! Keeping your dog groomed is an important part of his health care. If he has a long coat, it will need to be brushed on a regular basis to ensure all tangles are removed. It can be difficult to bath a large dog. Our groomer is experienced in grooming all dog breeds, big and small, and will ensure your dog is clean, brushed and smelling good.

Choose professional dog grooming in Tunstall to keep your dog looking and smelling his best. To find out more about dog grooming service, or schedule a booking, contact Blakeley Farm Kennels today. We offer affordable and safe dog boarding facilities if you need to be away from home for a few days. While your dog is having his holiday with us, take advantage of our dog grooming services. In this way, when you return from your holiday or business trip, you’ll have a happy, clean, fresh smelling dog to take home!

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