Cat Kennel in Biddulph, Safe, Secure, Affordable and Caring

Cat Kennel in BiddulphWe are the cat kennel in Biddulph you’ve been looking for. Our family has been operating boarding kennels on our scenic acreage since 2003. We are highly knowledgeable and experienced in caring for animals. While that’s important, our love of animals is our true motivator. We’re also interested in providing a safe environment for cats that is encouraging to you who are cat owners. We hope you will board your cats with us rather than leave them home alone or in the care of a neighbour. To that end, we have purpose-built cattery facilities for the comfort and safety of your cat when you have to be away for more than a day or two.

Our rates are quite reasonable and all-inclusive except for grooming. For cat lovers in Biddulph, our cat kennel facilities set a high standard. Our cat penthouses are indoors, with a window on the world to keep them stimulated. We offer single or double accommodations made from easily cleaned uPVC. Bedding is soft and clean. Central heating keeps everyone cosy. Our cattery is kept very clean. Premium Arden Grange cat food is provided along with plenty of fresh water. We can also administer meds if needed. For the health of all, we do require that you provide us with proof of vaccinations and flea treatment before entry. Everything is included in the flat rate price.

For your convenience, our cat kennel in Biddulph has an on site groomer. If you would like for kitty to be groomed before going home, our groomers can do that for an additional fee. Our cattery is secure with staff going about their jobs while being attentive to the cats. Staff is always on site and the facility is also protected by CCTV monitoring. Contact Blakeley Farm and schedule a tour of our facility. We think you’ll find comfort and peace of mind while away on business or holiday knowing your cat is safe and well cared for. Cats may seem aloof but being alone is stressful for them. Give your cats the safety and care they deserve.

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