Dog Boarding in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Safe and Secure for When You’re Away

Dog Boarding in Newcastle-Under-LymeDog boarding in Newcastle-Under-Lyme is a service from Blakeley Farm. We are a family run business established in 2003, providing the highest standards of care for your furry friends. Housed in purpose-built facilities, set in beautiful rural surroundings just outside Newcastle-Under-Lyme, a friendly team of caring professionals drive this facility making it the bespoke pet service provider it is today. We are licensed by the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council. For your convenience, we also undertake collection and delivery services on request. Blakeley Farm kennels are staffed 24 hours with CCTV monitoring. Our facility has fifty-six purpose-built kennels with all-weather features so we can provide pet boarding all year.

For pet owners in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, dog boarding options include single or double kennel units, housing both large and small breeds of dogs. Some pre-conditions before we admit your pet include proof of vaccinations and being inoculated against kennel cough at the time of admission. All dogs must be provided with collar and clip leads. Flexi-leads are not preferred. Additional services include cat pens managed by our competent and friendly team. Luxury built cat pens may be single or double white u-PVC penthouse cat units with windows installed, located indoors and centrally heated. All cats must be treated for fleas and dewormed prior to their stay, with proof of vaccination to be produced at the time of admission.

Dog boarding in Newcastle-under-Lyme includes grooming routines and regular walks as part of the daily programme. Our highly trained and experienced experts are qualified, friendly, genuine animal lovers are professionally competent in feeding and taking care of your pet’s needs. Contact Blakeley Farm for day boarding services for working pet owners. Specific medications may be administered at our discretion and the best quality pet food is provided. Your pet dog will be fed twice a day and special diets may be prescribed in special cases. An exercise regimen is also incorporated into their daily routines. We are the best facility for a safe and comfortable environment for your pet when you are away on a holiday or just at work.

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