Expert Dog Grooming in Cresswell, for a Happy Healthy Pet

Dog Grooming in CresswallWe also offer dog grooming in Cresswell. What’s the first thing you like to do when you get home from a business trip or holiday? For most of us, we like a nice warm shower or bath to wash away the travel fatigue. Then, we look forward to sleeping in our own bed. While you’ve been gone, your dog has been having a rip roaring time here at the kennels. He’s been rolling on the ground, running in the field, playing with other dogs and getting slobbered on. He’ll be so glad to see you though. After your nice warm bath he’ll probably try to jump into your nice clean bed with you. Here’s an idea. Why not schedule a grooming for your dog on pick up day. We have an excellent groomer right here on site.

Your dog will also look forward to sleeping in his own bed again and if that bed happens to be the same as yours, you want him clean and fresh smelling. In Cresswell, dog grooming is a service that is available for everyone; not just guests. Our groomers have a great affinity with most dogs and they’re highly skilled in trimming up almost all breeds. After you’ve scheduled a grooming for your dog before he leaves our care to return home, you’ll see how nice he looks. Schedule an appointment any time and bring him back for a fresh grooming. Dogs often associate Blakeley Farm with good times. If your dog balks at entering a grooming salon, he might be less reluctant with our groomer.

Dog grooming in Cresswell is a convenience for our guests but our non guest clients are enthusiastic about the professional results our groomers achieve with their dogs. They are so gentle giving the dogs a nice massaging shampoo and rinse with conditioner if needed. Then a nice warm dry and fluff so they don’t get chilled. We’ll carefully cut their nails and trim up their hair so they look their best. Contact us and schedule an appointment with our dog groomer. If you’ve never boarded your dog with us, that’s fine. While you are here, you might like to have a look around in case you have a need for boarding your dog in the future. We’re here for you when you need us providing the best possible care for your best friend.

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