Choose a Professional Cat Kennel in Knutton for Peace of Mind

Cat Kennel in KnuttonA cat kennel in Knutton is available for your peace of mind. Planning a trip also involves planning who will care for your animals while you are away. Perhaps you’ve asked the neighbour across the way to feed your cat in your absence. This may have worked well then, but what if she is unavailable to do so this time? A sensible idea would be to a professional cat kennel to care for your cat. When you choose a facility with a good reputation, you will be able to enjoy your time away, secure in the knowledge that your precious cat is safe and well cared for. We offer a professional cat kennel service that will meet your expectations.

You are welcome to pay us a visit and see for yourself. In Knutton, a cat kennel ensures that your fur baby has a comfortable, warm and secure place in which to sleep. Our cat kennels have a cat’s comfort in mind. We have 32 purpose-built penthouse cat units with windows. All our units are indoors and all are fully centrally heated. We take pride in our spotlessly clean and hygienic kennels. As all our cat visitors must have their inoculations up to date, you can rest assured that your cat won’t inadvertently catch an illness from another cat. We can administer medication if your cat needs his daily dose of treatment. If you are worried about his safety, we can put your mind at ease – our premises have a member of staff present every hour of the day and night. We also have CCTV in operation.

A cat kennel in Knutton can be your cat’s holiday away from home. Regardless of whether he is a fussy eater, you can rest assured that he will eat well. We offer Arden Grange complete cat food, a firm favourite among cats. If you are looking for a cat kennel for your cat, be sure to contact Blakeley Farm. We also offer a local collection and delivery service which can be a huge help, especially if you are unable to bring your cat to our facility yourself. Plan your, and you cat’s holiday, knowing that he will be safe and content while you are away.

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