Choose Professionally Run Dog Kennels in Biddulph

Dog Kennels in BiddulphProfessionally run dog kennels in Biddulph are available if you need to travel away from home for a few days. Entrusting the care of your best friend to strangers can be challenging. You’ll want to be sure that he is well cared for, receives the right food at the right time and is safe and content. Choosing a well-stablished dog kennels goes a long way in providing peace of mind that your fur baby is safe during your absence. We are a family of animal lovers and offer safe, clean and professionally run dog boarding facilities. Give us a ring today to find out how we can assist you and your dog.

We welcome visitors, so pay us a visit to inspect our facilities. In Biddulph, dog kennels at our facility include 56 purpose built kennels. Each kennel is equipped with an all-weather run, and each one is heated. You can rest assured that your dog will safe and warm.  We have a choice of single and double kennels, and we can also accept both large and small breeds. Our kennels are staffed 24 hours a day by our professional and dedicated team. On top of hat, our facilities have CCTV coverage to ensure extra security. The dogs who are staying at our facility are well fed. We provide Arden Grange pet food and ensure your dog’s nutritional needs are met. We take great care to ensure that your dog is not only safe, but eats well, and importantly, is safe.

Dog kennels in Biddulph will give you the assurance that your fur baby is safely cared for while you are away. We are happy to accept all dogs, so long as they have received all their necessary inoculations. This ensures the health and safety of both your dog and the others who are boarding at our kennels. For more information about our dog kennels, contact Blakeley Farm today. We’ve provided our expert and dedicated services since 2003, and continue to provide safe and secure dog boarding facilities to all our clients. We also offer a professional dog grooming service, and are happy to provide this while your dog is in our care.

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