Dog Grooming Service in Uttoxeter, Professional and Affordable for Your Best Friend

Dog Grooming Service in UttoxeterA professional dog grooming service in Uttoxeter is a wonderful option if your pooch is looking a little scruffy. Dog grooming is not only necessary for a good looking and tidy dog, but it also has a number of other benefits too. When a dog’s coat is brushed, it ventilates his coat. This removes old, damaged fur and helps his coat grow healthy and strong. Brushing also helps his skin breathe and keeps the level of grease down in his coat. Too much grease can result in blocked pores and other skin irritations. However, a dog grooming service covers more than just brushing your dog’s coat.

We offer an all-inclusive service that will leave your dog smelling, looking and feeling great. In Uttoxeter, the dog grooming service we offer includes a shampoo, nail clipping, trimming and brushing. A through shampoo will remove mud and dirt. A shampoo can also help prevent skin irritations. Nail trimming will help to prevent the risk of nail tears and cracks. We can also clean your dog’s teeth and anal glands. We’re a family of animal enthusiasts and provide  a number of services such as dog boarding and dog grooming. Dog grooming can take up time, and if you have a large dog, or one with long hair, grooming him can be a challenge. This is one of the reasons why our dog grooming service is highly popular. We can groom your dog for you, professionally and thoroughly.

A dog grooming service in Uttoxeter ensures your fur baby is beautifully clean. Our service is both professional and affordably priced. We are happy to provide our grooming service for any sized dogs. Additionally, you are welcome to leave your dog with us for the day while he has his grooming and pampering session. For more details about our dog grooming service, or to schedule a booking, please contact Blakeley Farm. We’ve been established since 2003, and continue to provide our professional services to all our clients. Our professional team of dog groomers have the experience, the passion and the skill to ensure your dog receives a pampering and grooming that will leave him looking and smelling great.

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