Dog Kennels in Stallington Provide a Warm and Safe Place for Your Dog

Dog Kennels in Stallington Dog kennels in Stallington are a good bet when you need to leave home for a couple of days. It can be stressful when you have to attend a conference in the next town and you need to leave your dog behind. This is why it is a sensible idea to find someone with experience, knowledge and a genuine love for animals to look after your best friend. Our dog kennels are highly regarded and we have the experience and knowledge to provide the ideal care for your dog. On top of that, each member of our team is an animal lover. Not only will your furry friend be safe in your absence, he’ll also receive attention and care.

Relying on a professional service will bring you peace of mind. In Stallington, dog kennels are especially designed for dogs. On our property we have 56 purpose built kennels that have wall weather runs included. This means that your dog will have a warm, safe and comfortable place to stay while you are out of town. On top of that, we also offer excellent quality dog food to our guests. They are fed twice daily. We provide Arden Grange dog food that will certainly meet your dog’s approval. Additionally, we provide daily walks to keep him limber. Your dog will receive constant care and attention. We are on site 24 hours a day and our property is protected by CCTV as well.

Choose luxury dog kennels in Stallington for your furry friend. We accept all dogs, regardless of size. We do request that all dogs have proof of vaccinations, including kennel cough. This is to ensure all the dogs visiting us are safe. For more details or to arrange a site visit, please contact Blakeley Farm today. Our prices are affordable, and our service is excellent. If you experience difficulty in bringing your dog to us, we can assist. We will collect your dog from you and return home when you are back home. Choose a professional facility for your dog’s safety and comfort – and your own peace of mind!

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