Choose the Best Cat Kennels in Blythe Bridge for Your Fur Baby

Cat Kennels in Blythe Bridge Entrust your precious kitty to the best cat kennels in Blythe Bridge. We’ll make sure that she or he is safe, comfortable and happy in the charming surroundings of Blakeley Farm. Ours is a family-run business, managed by a team of genuine animal lovers, who are passionate about giving their best. Established in 2003, our top-quality boarding kennels and cattery are available for both cats and dogs. These purpose built facilities are maintained to the highest standards of hygiene, comfort and security. Our arrangements can be tailored to suit you and your pets needs and preferences. Whether you’d like to use the facilities for a short time or a longer period, we ensure that we offer the same level of care.

For pet owners in Blythe Bridge, cat kennels or catteries must be chosen with care. The best time to look for the right one would be when you don’t really need it! This means you have the time, patience and leisure to really check out a place, personally visit it, get to know the team, understand the routine and analyze whether it meets your standards. In some cases, clients who need to be away from home for medical treatment would like us to care for their cats. In other situations, if you have house guests, or visitors who are not fond of your feline friends, you can leave kitty with us for the duration. Holidays and vacations can be stress-free when you know that your cat is getting the best of care.

Our cat kennels in Blythe Bridge are single or double-storey, two-window facilities, made of strong, durable uPVC. These have central heating and are located indoors, so your cat can have plenty of space and comfort as well. We offer the best quality Arden Grange cat food. Contact Blakeley Farm for more information about our cat kennels. You’ll find that this is the right place for your kitty. We have 32 purpose-built, luxury cat pens and our staff are all animal lovers too!

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